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"It has truly been a great experience getting to know other birders my age." — MM, age 15
      "I've gotten 5 lifers so far this year, and 3 of them have been on NYSYBC trips." — BM, age 13
            "The connections alone truly made the club a brilliant success for me." BF, NYSYBC alumnus

Golden-winged Warbler, photo by Andrew Marden
Golden-winged Warbler
photo by Andrew Marden

Are You a Young Birder
Between the Ages of 10 and 19?

If you are, then you've come to the right place!  The New York State Young Birders Club provides community, friendship, and fun for young people who have a passion for wild birds and their habitats.

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NYSYBC Fun....View the slideshow of our first 5 years!
Enjoy the slideshow that was played at the NYSOA Annual Meeting on November 2, 2013. This is a collection of slides in random order -- over 150 pictures taken at club events since we started way back in 2008!     SHOW ME THE SLIDESHOW!

What's New? 

  • Records Summary - 3/29/15 Wallkill River NWR & 4/26/15 Prospect Park trips added!   UPDATED 6/8/15
    Thanks to Records Chair Eamon Freiburger for all the updates. The NYSYBC life list now stands at

    (To view the list, click on the link at the top of our Trip Reports page.)

Read the report to find out all the great stuff we did and talked about. We had to stay inside all day, but everyone had a great time sharing, learning, and socializing! And enjoying snacks and hot chocolate and pizza and and and...


     ...but we still had fun!!!



View the Photo Gallery and Bird List!


  • Bird List & Photo Gallery - Sterling Forest - May 24, 2014 
    Mourning Warbler, photo by Joe Hernandez

    "....we heard and caught some glimpses of Warbling Vireos, Yellow Warblers, and Common Yellowthroats. However, the highlight of this first stop was without a doubt the Mourning Warbler. While the looks we got were fleeting, it was quite a nice sight for a trip so late in the spring."

Read Max Pine's report, view the bird list, and view the Photo Gallery!

  • Field Trip Report & Photo Gallery - Roger Tory Peterson Institute - July 20, 2014 
    Studying RTP's amazing artwork, photo by Carena Pooth

    "While waiting for everybody to pull in so we can go to another birding hotspot, I got to take a sneak peak at the institute, and boy was it amazing! The wood and stone building stood high at the end of the lot with such incredible design and might. Butterfly and hummingbird gardens were all around the sides of the building, adding to the fantastic sight. But this was only a preview, for with everybody there ready, it was time to get going to our main birding spot: the Jamestown Airport."

           Read Joe Hernandez's report and Silas Hernandez's bird list, and view the Photo Gallery!


  • Report & Photo Gallery - Mohonk Preserve - June 7, 2014
    View of the Catskills, photo by Carena Pooth

    "The day before, some of us had gone to see the Willow Ptarmigan at Peninsula Point, about fifty miles north of our actual destination, Derby Hill. Everyone was very excited, as all who went to see it were able to take photos and mark it as a lifer."

    Read Truth Muller's report and Claire Holloway's bird list, and view the Photo Gallery!

    More Field Trip Reports

Field Trip Calendar

Field trips are a great way to make friends and learn more about birds. Make your plans now to be sure you can attend as many trips as possible! See our calendar of monthly field trips.

Check out our Downloads page, where we've created one place to find all NYSYBC membership forms, guidelines, and flyers.  Youth members, send us birding-related files you'd like to make available to others!

Do You Know a Young Birder Between the Ages of 10 and 19?
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Red Knot, Purple Sandpipers, and Ruddy Turnstones, photo by Marc Katz
Red Knot, Purple Sandpipers, and Ruddy Turnstones
photo by Marc Katz, December 2013