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The New York State Young Birders Club (NYSYBC) is a special project of the New York State Ornithological Association (NYSOA).

This club is for birders between the ages of 10 and 19, inclusive.  Club activities include field trips, annual meetings, and other events.  In addition, youth members communicate via this website, a private mailing list, and an online discussion group.

The safety of our young birders is our top priority at all times.

In addition to the above club activities, NYSYBC offers its Youth Members the opportunity to receive scholarships to help fund attendance at birding and conservation related programs.

While we focus on birding areas in New York State, young birders living in other states are most welcome to join!

Adult volunteers guide and mentor the youth members of the club and handle the many administrative tasks required to make the club a success and maximize its value to its young members.

Member Organizations of NYSOA are invited to become NYSYBC Partner Organizations.  Check our Membership page for more information, or contact us via .

Adults who wish to support the club financially may join as Supporting Adult members. Check our Membership page for more information, or contact us via .


President - Eamon Freiburger
Vice President - Marc Katz
Secretary - Michael Ivkov
Past President - Michael McBrien
Records Chair - Eamon Freiburger
Gilded Flickr (Flickr Group Chair) - Marc Katz

Visit our Hall of Fame - NYSYBC Leaders
Leadership Roles & Election Process

Snowy Owl, photo by Joseph Hernandez
Snowy Owl, Oceanside, NJ 12/7/13
(symbolizing our wise leaders)
photo by Joseph Hernandez



UPDATED 2/4/14

ELECTED POSTS (one year term)

President the club's leader and the "face" of the club to other groups.
    - Is as active as possible in the club and serves as the "head cheerleader."  
    - Posts at least one informational / educational note to the mailing list per month and helps guide discussions there.
    - Works with the other officers & adult advisors on club decisions throughout the year as needed.
    - Writes thank you notes following field trips and as otherwise needed.
    - Runs the Annual Kickoff meeting at the close of the term.
    - Organizes nominations / elections for the new year.
NOTE: The President automatically becomes the Past President when a new President has been elected.

Vice President helps others learn about Bird ID; also assists the President when needed.
Responsibilities: UPDATED FOR CLARITY 2/4/14
      - Works with the other officers & adult advisors on club decisions throughout the year as needed.
      - Coordinates a monthly Photo Quiz.
           This means any of the following, once a month (it can be done one way one month and another way the next month):
           (a) Makes sure another Youth Member posts the quiz and follows through on it, OR
           (b) Gets the photo(s) from other Youth Members and posts the quiz himself / herself, OR
           (c) Does the whole thing himself / herself.
           Whoever posts the quiz allows a week for responses and then posts the answer, with a clear explanation of
           particular ID points that can be learned from the quiz.
     - Also does ONE of the following:
          (a) Posts bird ID tips to the club mailing list at least once per month.This can be in the form of a link to something found
               online, with a brief description, or just a good ID tip learned from books or other birders or in the field.
 (b) Iinitiates and maintains one or more club project(s) throughout the year.
NOTE: If the President cannot be at a meeting, the Vice President presides. 

    - Takes minutes at meetings and provides an electronic version to be distributed to Youth Members.   
    - Participates in mailing list discussions at least once per month.
    - Works with the other officers & adult advisors on club decisions throughout the year as needed.

Past President – provides guidance to the current President as needed.


Records Chair – Maintains a data base of NYSYBC bird records and creates charts for publication on the club's website.
Skills required:  A working knowledge of spreadsheets, an understanding of "checklist order," and attention to detail.

Gilded Flickr – Monitors and administers the NYSYBC flickr group. Handles member signups & removals and helps members with questions. Sends out notices to the club mailing list when new photos have been posted.
Skills required:  Familiarity with Flickr and the way it works, ability to add/delete members, and the ability to explain how to use Flickr.


Elections are held in February/March of each year, following the Annual Kickoff meeting. All Youth Members who are in good standing (dues paid for the current year) on the date of the Annual Kickoff meeting are eligible to run for office and vote.

Youth Members may run for any or all of the 3 elected positions. 3 consecutive elections are held for President, Vice President, and Secretary. Elections are conducted online via secret ballot after the Annual Kickoff Meeting, which is held in January.

Terms of office are for one year. It is possible to hold the same office more than once, but not two years in a row.

The current President will work with adult advisors to set a deadline for submitting nominations. Nominations and bios are sent to the President, who reviews them and asks candidates for any missing information. When they are ready to publish, the President sends them to the adult advisor handling elections. The adult advisor will set up the elections and all Youth Members will be notified via email to vote.

For each election, if there is a tie for winner among fewer than all the candidates, there will be a runoff election. For example, if there are 3 candidates and 2 of them tie, there will be a runoff election.

If all candidates running for any office are tied for the win, the winner will be determined by random selection.