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"The connections alone truly made the club a brilliant success for me." — BF, NYSYBC alumnus, age 22
    "I've gotten 5 lifers so far this year, and 3 of them have been on NYSYBC trips." —
BM, age 13
        "I joined up, and from that point on, I became a lot more serious about birds." GV, age 15
            "It has truly been a great experience getting to know other birders my age." — MM, age 15
                 "For me, the club really made a difference." BV, NYSYBC alumnus, age 21

Snow Geese, December 2017 - photo by Teresa Loomis
   Snow Geese, December 2017 - photo by Teresa Loomis

Are You a Young Birder
Between the Ages of 10 and 19?

If you are, then you've come to the right place!  The New York State Young Birders Club provides community, friendship, and fun for young people who have a passion for wild birds and their habitats.

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NEW AUDIO QUIZ - NYSYBC's 2017 Vice President and Quizmaster challenged fellow members with 7 clips.      
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Records Summary - all trips for 2008 through January 2018 now included!  UPDATED 1/16/18
Thanks to Records Chair Jordan Spindel for bringing the data base up to date! In August, we added Least Bittern to the list, so the NYSYBC life list now stands at 287 species!      View the NYSYBC Bird Records

NEXT FIELD TRIP:  Montauk / Eastern Long Island - Sunday, February 18, 2018 - See our calendar for details.


Our Latest Field Trip Reports, Bird Lists, and Photo Galleries:

"On our way up the nearby grassland hill (formerly a landfill), we saw a Vesper Sparrow fly into a maple tree, then onto the ground in front of the hill. We moved in a crescent formation around the landing site and saw the bird foraging on gravel while peeking in and out of adjacent weeds. It foraged for 10 minutes before flying off."
Read Mike Malone's report and the bird list by Aidan Perkins and Jordan Spindel, and enjoy the Photo Gallery!

"Jordan got information about a Red-headed Woodpecker being spotted nearby at the Locust Grove, so we rushed over there. When we got there, we didn't see the woodpecker, but we saw Rose-breasted Grosbeak and American Redstart. A few minutes later, after a big crowd had left, we were lucky to see the juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker fly into a tree. We were very happy about that!"
Read Rion Yoshimura's report and the bird list by Adam Vinson and Jordan Spindel, and view the Photo Gallery!

"We worked our way down onto the dike and immediately had close looks of feeding Stilt Sandpiper and Short-billed Dowitcher along with both Yellowleg species. This was a great chance for people that had attended Dr. McGowan’s workshop the previous day to put those skills to use...."
Read Robert Buckert's report and the bird list by Nick Kachala, and enjoy the Photo Gallery! Also watch a video overview by Josh Cantor of the outstanding Shorebird ID workshop given by Dr. Kevin McGowan on Saturday.

"....we saw a lovely family of oystercatchers. Dad went to catch crabs and shellfish and then brought them back. His two chicks were pushing and stepping on one another and they fought violently."
Read Rion Yoshimura's report and the bird list by Josh Cantor, and enjoy the Photo Gallery! Also view a video of the gull fight we witnessed, and read Dr. Shai Mitra's thoughts on this very unusual behavior.

"Doodletown, supposedly derived from the Dutch word Dood Tal, or Dead Valley, was a great trip. The early June weather was perfect for birding. The cerulean sky blended perfectly with the Cerulean Warblers we saw!"

Read Eliza Wein's report and the bird list by Adrian Burke and Jordan Spindel, and enjoy the Photo Gallery!


"Just then a huge flock of swallows shoots past us, twittering madly. These pint-sized aerial acrobats make the Blue Angels look clunky as they swoop and dive with perfect coordination, over and under the bridge, across the water, then double back and land on the overhead telephone wires to preen their knife-blade wings back to glossy perfection....We head for The Orchard in the hopes of a do-over."      Read Truth Muller's report and his and Garret Van Gelder's bird list, and enjoy the Photo Gallery!

"When we arrived at Liberty Marsh, we could tell that this would be a very interesting and unique experience for many of us. Small groups of Green-Winged Teal flew overhead, and Red-winged Blackbirds and Song Sparrows seemed to sing from every patch of reeds. A few Tree and Northern Rough-winged Swallows made quick passes by us, the first of year for quite a few of us."
Read Jordan Spindel's report and Josh Cantor's bird list, and enjoy the Photo Gallery!

"Birders scrambled onto the rocks to catch a sight of the bird, which was a little farther down the shore. Suddenly, the Razorbill popped up from under the water, a mere ten feet away from us! Although it only stayed there for about a minute, it was an experience that I will remember forever."
Read Hannah Mirando's report and the bird list by Josh Cantor, and enjoy the Photo Gallery!

NEW 2/7/17 "Our 2017 kickoff event was an amazing experience, not only because of the fantastic birds at Croton Point Park, but also because of the fantastic presentations, reliving memories of 2016, and looking at what’s to come for the NYSYBC this year!"
Read Jordan Spindel's report, club Secretary Garret Van Gelder's meeting minutes, and Josh Cantor's bird list. And don't miss the photo gallery!

"We saw 9 owls that night, and saw some wonderful pictures that Rick showed us during the intermissions between owls."
"A few Bald Eagles soared above our heads, immatures and adults alike. A few flocks of Rusty Blackbirds, perhaps the best bird of the trip, lent our ears their odd calls as they descended on the marsh."
Read Elizabeth Hayes's report on the owl banding evening and Garret Van Gelder's Bashakill field trip report and bird list. And don't miss the photo galleries!
View our Field Trip Reports Archive - from 2008 until now!

Field Trip Calendar

Field trips are a great way to make friends and learn more about birds. Make your plans now to be sure you can attend as many trips as possible! See our calendar of monthly field trips.

Check out our Downloads page, where we've created one place to find all NYSYBC membership forms, guidelines, and flyers.  Youth members, send us birding-related files you'd like to make available to others!

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Prothonotary Warbler, photo by Adrian Burke
Prothonotary Warbler in Central Park
photo by Adrian Burke, April 27, 2015