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                                "It has truly been a great experience getting to know other birders my age." — MM, age 15
                             "I've gotten 5 lifers so far this year, and 3 of them have been on NYSYBC trips." — BM, age 13

Snowy Egret, photo by Joseph Hernandez
Snowy Egret
photo by Joseph Hernandez

Are You a Young Birder Between the Ages of 10 and 19?
If you are, then you've come to the right place!  The New York State Young Birders Club provides community, friendship, and fun for young people who have a passion for wild birds and their habitats.  

NYSYBC Fun....View the slideshow of our first 5 years!
Enjoy the slideshow that was played at the NYSOA Annual Meeting on November 2, 2013. This is a collection of slides in random order -- over 150 pictures taken at club events since we started way back in 2008!     SHOW ME THE SLIDESHOW!

What's New? 

  • Check out our new Scholarships page...and save those receipts!  NEW 1/13/14
  • Records Summary - October Bashakill, January Muscoot Farm, and February Hudson River Eagles trips added! 
    Thanks to Records Chair Eamon Freiburger for all theupdates. The NYSYBC life list now stands at 278 species!
    LAST  UPDATED 2/10/14    ( Click on the link at the top of our Trip Reports page.)
  • Report & Photo Gallery - Hudson River Eagle Watch - February 2, 2014 NEW 3/20/14
    Bald Eagle on the Hudson River, photo by Marc Katz

    "This is the best birding trip I've ever been on!" Teresa Loomis. "You might as well be in Alaska!" Gerhard Patsch. "Eagle paradise!" Sarah Freiburger. These were just a few of the things people said about this trip."

    Read Gabe Newman's report and Sarah & Sean Freiburger's bird list, and view the huge Photo Gallery!


  • Report & Photo Gallery - NYSYBC Annual Kickoff - January 19, 2014 NEW 3/15/14
    Bird Walk at Muscoot Farm, photo by Silas Hernadez

    " On January 19th, in this wonderful new year of 2014, we had our Annual NYSYBC kick-off meeting, this time hosted by the Muscoot Farm, and led by Paul Lewis of the Bedford Audubon Society, who also volunteers at the farm. We started our trip with a walk along the premises, with great views of Tufted Titmice, Hooded Mergansers, and an amazing flyover of Snow Buntings. All while walking in wonderful ankle-deep snow."

    Read Marc Katz's report and Zach Smart's bird list, and view the Photo Gallery!

Read the official report published in NYSOA's newsletter and view the NYSYBC Photo Gallery!



Read Sean Freiburger's report and view the Photo Gallery!



Read Matthew Kokolus's report and view the Photo Gallery!


  • Field Trip Report & Photo Gallery - Central Park with Señor Miguel Pinto - September 7, 2013      NEW 2/13/14
    The lake, photo by Carena Pooth

    "The day started out cool and was very clear. The first person we met was Señor Pinto. He runs a similar club in Burgos, Spain, and he found out about our club through the internet. When we met I attempted to start a conversation in my very iffy French, but that didn't go so well. However, within a few minutes almost everybody had arrived including Mrs. Bardusco, who was to be our translator...."

Read Max Pine's report and view the Photo Gallery!



  • Field Trip Report & Photo Gallery - Great Gull Island - August 1, 2013      NEW 11/26/13
    Roseate Tern, photo by Eamon Freiburger

    "As we came within a few hundred yards of the island, all talking stopped; to be replaced by the screechy calls of the innumerable terns wheeling through the air above us. Binoculars, water bottles and eager birders piled into the work boat. When we reached the island we made a wet landing, climbing out into the surf and forming a fire-brigade style chain to help unload the supplies and haul them up to headquarters." Read Truth Muller's superb report and view the Photo Gallery!

More Field Trip Reports

Field Trip Calendar

Field trips are a great way to make friends and learn more about birds. Make your plans now to be sure you can attend as many trips as possible! See our calendar of monthly field trips.

Check out our Downloads page, where we've created one place to find all NYSYBC membership forms, guidelines, and flyers.  Youth members, send us birding-related files you'd like to make available to others!

Do You Know a Young Birder Between the Ages of 10 and 19?
Give the Gift of NYSYBC Membership!
Give a gift membership to the NYS Young Birders Club!   Open up a whole new world of friendship and fun for your grandkids, kids, and friends between the ages of 10 and 19!  For only $10, you will give them the chance to go to the best birding spots in NY with expert leaders and like-minded friends.  They will also get connected in a safe online community where they can share birding stories, questions, photos, and support. The NYS Young Birders Club organizes teams to the World Series of Birding and the Super Bowl of Birding. What a wonderful way to strengthen the next generation of birders and give a boost to a great new club!


Red Knot, Purple Sandpipers, and Ruddy Turnstones, photo by Marc Katz
Red Knot, Purple Sandpipers, and Ruddy Turnstones
photo by Marc Katz, December 2013